The Kid's House Nursery School
8 Hacklebarney Road
Pottersville, NJ  07979
Phone: 908-439-3979

About Us:

The Kid's House Nursery School, located in the original schoolhouse in historic Pottersville, is minutes from Routes 78, 206 and 512 and offers a traditional nursery school  program.  Designed to enhance your child's cognitive, emotional, physical and social growth, our programs are intended for children aged 18 months through 5 years old.

Our commitment to you, the parents, is to expose your children to a comprehensive preschool curriculum which encourages imaginative experimentation in safe, supportive surroundings.  Our excellent student-teacher ratio, enhanced by the presence of qualified, mature aides, allows us to provide significant one-on-one time with children, never rushing them from one activity to the next. Should a child want to spend additional time to finish a project, we can accommodate that easily.

Although we believe we have developed a solid program, we are open to parents' input, assistance and questions. Parents receive a monthly calendar highlighting all the special occasions, Show & Tell dates and birthdays, as well as developmental progress reports. Fall brings Back to School Night and special events such as the Halloween Parade and Thanksgiving Feast. As winter fades to Spring, it brings a magical time for children and we maximize the fun with a Valentine's Day event and a Mother's Day Tea for all moms, grandmoms, and special friends.

Age-appropriate activities and tasks provide consistency and foster responsibility. Children are eager to choose their chores for the day, be it Weather Teller, After-Snack Sweeper or the ever-popular Line Leader!

It's our primary intention to foster a lifelong love of learning in our students; we believe that an effective preschool needs to set the stage for a healthy interest in learning which a child will carry forever.  The second vital mission of a preschool is to give children a nurturing environment so that the essential separation from mom and dad can take place.  Many times, we've had students who haven't been separated from parents, or perhaps they've spent time away from Mom and Dad, but only with relatives. Separation is emotionally grueling for kids, yet, if handled well by both teachers and parents, it can be a wonderful step along the way toward a child's independence.


The Kid's House Nursery School offers small class sizes to enhance your child's learning experience. The following are our child/teacher ratios with classroom aides available as needed.
1-2 year old class (children 18 months to two years of age): 5 to 1
2-3 year old class: 6 to 1
3-4 Year Old Class: 8 to 1
4-5 Year Old Class/ Pre-K : 10 to 1


The Kid's House Nursery School believes in involving the parents as much as possible in the school program. We have one special event a month which we invite all the parents and children enrolled to attend. 

We have Fund Raisers two or three times a year to support these events and enhance our parent involvement.